Hospital infection Control

An abstract of my recent publication.

Kumar Digvijay, Raman Vashistha,Shikha Chandel,Yogesh Gujrati,Easther Rani, Sanjiv Jasuja

Abstract: Previous different studies in India reported that transmission of infection to patients occurs through two general routes, airborne and contact. The air has been a major source of infection, because, the air inside the hospital might have acted as a reservoir for pathogenic microorganisms. The present study has been carried to determine the degree of “Hospital Infection Control” in different locations of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital New Delhi including OT, IPD, CSSD, MICU, NICU, Kitchen, using different clinical specimens mainly Air sample, Environmental swabs, and Hands swabs, from Jan 09 to Jun 09.         

Index Terms- WHO: World Health Organisation, HAI: Hospital Acquired Infection, OT: Operation Theatre, CDC: Centre for Diseases Control.

Click the link for full article: Hospital infection Control, published in: “International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications (IJSRP), Volume 6, Issue 7, July 2016 Edition”.


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